Monday, April 25, 2005

More idiocy

Scott Erb continues today to prove that not a single thing ever said about him by his worst critics was undeserved. Tacked on to today's entry at his blog (April 25, 2005 entry) is some rambling nonsense about "Spirit and Belief." You have to read it to appreciate its essential weaselishness, but that essence climaxes with this statement about evolution: "Evolution is something that cannot be denied. Every respected biologist and almost all educated people recognize that it is a well developed theory so well supported by evidence that no one can honestly and reasonably deny its existence."

It's a plain fact that evolution, as a theory, has long faced an internal crisis, with various evolutionists at each other's throats, even as it has over the past decade come under a withering critique from the intelligent design theorists. Philip E. Johnson ("Darwin on Trial"), Michael J. Behe ("Darwin's Black Box"), David Berlinski (in his famous Commentary magazine article "The Deniable Darwin"), William Dembski ("The Design Inference") and a host of other authors have shown that the Neo-Darwinian synthesis that is the backbone of contemporary evolutionary theory is so weak that it depends on the huffiness unto hysteria of its advocates to fend off its critics.

One of the favorite evolutionist ploys is to routinely confuse people by not making a distinction between the fundamentalist Biblical literalism of "Creation Science" and the simple creationism implied by intelligent design theory, which infers from the complexity of life the reasonable premise that it is improbable (to the point of impossibility) that said complexity is the result of mere accident.

The irony of Erb's comment that "Evolution...cannot be denied" is that he's criticizing the Catholic Church for being slow to accept changes in scientific understanding, when virtually the entire edifice of evolutionary theory is imploding from the forces of its own internal contradictions. Yet materialists, those who believe that all that exists is the natural order and that there is nothing outside that order, cling to evolution as a dying faith, lashing out at those who dare to question it.

As Philip Johnson points out, evolution as a theory has become a number of things, some larger than others. The larger the claims, the less water they hold.

The only brief I ever held against evolution was that it seemed to me to be improbable. Then I gave my attention to the ID theorists and they made quite a case for just how improbable it really is. The irony is that evolution is the high church of materialistic naturalism, which is a philosophy, not a science. For people like Erb, it's a matter of belief.


Blogger Bithead said...

This will be overly quick, but here it is;

Even ignoring all the other arguemnts about ID;

That evolution occurrs (And changes within individual species has been noted) does not of itself mean that there was not an intelligent hand making it all work.

Regarding the Biblical literalism argument as you mention; I deny and defy both sides of that argument, and have over the years with an answer none of them has been able to counter;

Granted that the Bible reports God created the universe in 6 days, and on the seventh, he went to the Bahamas for a well-deserved vacation; The Bible also reports God as a timeless being. To him one day is as 1000 years. What, within *that* context, constitutes a 'day'?

As for the rest...God making a univese would tend to make a rather largish bang, no?

Now, of course in Erb's case, it should be noted that his trust in evolution, does little to explain his own evolutionary failure.

25/4/05 3:27 PM  
Blogger Martin McPhillips said...

I've updated the post three times with successive layers of links to an assortment of critiques of evolution as theory and science, etc. The most readable is probably "The Deniable Darwin" by David Berlinski, the writer and mathematician.

25/4/05 5:02 PM  

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