Wednesday, April 27, 2005

While rooting for the fascists in Iraq...

...Scott Erb throws (April 27, 2005 entry) a reductio ad Hitlerum argument at David Horowitz and This is something that Scott does when he's feeling insecure, and perhaps a bit worried. One of the things that Horowitz and FrontPage do best is to out committed anti-American university professors, of which Scott Erb is a very good example.

One way to gauge how upset Scott is is to watch which of his voodoo dolls he is shaking. If he shakes his "talk radio" (meaning Rush Limbaugh) voodoo doll, he's a little upset. If he shakes his Joe McCarthy voodoo doll he's very upset. But when he shakes his fascist voodoo doll and mentions Hitler, he's just beside himself.

In the Iraq part of his post Scott is very excited by the prospect of civil war in Iraq, an excitation that was no doubt itself excited by the upsurge in terror attacks in the past week to ten days. Civil war in Iraq would be a great relief for Scott, given that he has always opposed success in the mission. Success, you see, would have portrayed the U.S. in a good light, and we can't have that.

In the second part of today's entry Scott adds some more drivel to his "Spirit and Belief" "series." He ends with this stunning conclusion: "modern spiritualism and religion can co-exist with modern science." Forget the misuse of "spiritualism" for "spirituality," the purpose of this conclusion is to allow that clear-thinking and rational people of science can allow people to feel all warm and fuzzy about the universe, if they insist upon it.

That's so big of Scott, don't you think?


Blogger Bithead said...

The question, of course, is "big WHAT?"

27/4/05 2:10 PM  
Blogger H. Simon Kittay said...

An old question of mine, re: Scott Erb.

Martin, is it really possible that this empty suit of Gap casualwear,
this walking pile of torn-out pages from remaindered textbooks that
dissolves and reforms itself with every passing gust of wind, this human
nothing, this hole in the air, actually has tenure somewhere, even in
the backwoods of Maine?

Can such things be?

John Sabotta

29/4/05 2:29 AM  
Blogger Martin McPhillips said...

Yeah, Scott did succeed in getting his foam football across the goal line. He is a tenured professor. Another hairline crack in the structure of Western civilizaton.

Scott's the academic equivalent of a lounge singer who has a repertoire of three songs. When he finishes the third song, he introduces the first song by saying, "Well, here's a little tune that I haven't done in a while."

29/4/05 8:02 AM  

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